Getting Started

Most of our new patients have been referred by their doctor, psychologist, therapist, or family member. However, anyone may call to schedule an appointment. Within one business day, your doctor will contact you to arrange a convenient time for an evaluation. Most appointments are scheduled within extended work days between 8:30–6:30pm although we will work with you to make special arrangements if you have the need.

On the day of your appointment:  Please arrive a few minutes early to your appointment so that routine paperwork won't take away from your actual appointment time. From the moment you enter the main office, its about you and your needs. You may feel apprehensive about discussing emotionally difficult topics and personally private thoughts or feelings. Remember, we want to help and we understand that it is our privilege to work with you. We recognize that first appointments are uncomfortable for many patients, but your doctor will make every attempt to gather the necessary information to diagnose and recommend possible treatment in a gentle and careful way. This first appointment lasts about one hour. It is often helpful for friends and family members to attend, but only if you wish them to be there.

Remember, this is about you.

At the conclusion of the evaluation we will ensure that all of your questions are addressed. If a diagnosis is made and treatment is recommended by your doctor, we will specifically discuss with you the symptoms you are experiencing which make up your diagnosis, the biological and medical understanding of your diagnosis, and the general mechanisms (to the extent they are known) by which medical and therapeutic treatments are thought to work. Usually, the first follow-up appointment is scheduled for about 2–3 weeks after this initial evaluation.

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