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Doctors are critical members of our societal care in situations like the COVID-19 outbreak. Given the psychological challenges imposed by this unprecedented situation, psychiatric care is among the priorities. As a result of recent temporary relaxation of Federal and State regulations regarding controlled substances, we have been able to augment our services with tele/video medicine to more efficiently meet the needs of all of our patients. If you would like to have an appointment conducted by telephone or video conferencing please email us at: or call our office at 562-431-9999


The doctors at AIP strive to provide a personalized, research-informed healthcare experience where patients are recognized on a first-name basis and our doctors respond to every phone call. We want individuals and families to feel safe, secure, and hopeful in receiving needed assistance and care. If you or someone you know is hurting or having trouble, please call. We look forward to working together in forging your own path to better days ahead!

If you'd like to contact us immediately, send an e-mail to, or call (562) 431-9999.

News And Recent Research

Applied Innovative Psychiatry is the proud Medical Clinic winner of the 2019 Los Alamitos Award.
We're happy and proud to have received this honor from our community.

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Serving Orange and Los Angeles Counties

Our main office is located in Los Alamitos, conveniently situated near the 405 and 605 freeways. In addition we have a satellite office in Fullerton accessible by the 91 and 57 freeways. Please let us know if you would prefer to be seen in Fullerton or Los Alamitos. At AIP, we bring the expertise, research and clinical experience of an academic medical center to your neighborhood. Whether in Fullerton or our home office in Los Alamitos, we look forward to walking this important path to health with you.

Newer Generation Antidepressant Medications. Worth the Hype?

As you have no doubt heard on television, radio and Internet discussions, patients now have more options for treatment of mental health conditions than ever before. But, are these new agents really ‘Game changers’ or marketing ploys on older standard medication classes?

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The Mee-Bunney Psychological Pain Assessment Scale—A Tool for Assessing and Measuring Psychological Pain

At AIP we are pleased to report that  an instrument developed and tested by Dr. Mee and colleagues at local  academic institutions in Southern California and Indiana was published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research in November 2011. Although we invite you to visit the journal website to read the full article, here are the ‘bottom line’ points…

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Advances in Evidence-Based Mental Health Care: Part 1

This ongoing feature discusses new and relevant advances in emotional and behavior medicine. Increasingly, medicine is moving to an ‘evidence based’ approach where medical decision-making is guided by scientific evidence rather than trial and error. The doctors at AIP are particularly well suited to bring you this information as they are actively participating in research and have been trained as scientist-physicians. …

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Advances in Evidence-Based Mental Health Care: Part 2 - The MBP, a new tool for measuring and understanding psychological pain.

Previously, we introduced the concept of psychological pain and detailed some of the  evidence supporting its role in depression-related suicidal thinking. Much of this information has been developed from efforts by our research team at AIP in collaboration with the VA Long Beach Hospital and UC Irvine. Before we can talk more about why psychological pain is important in the development and treatment of a number of common mental health conditions, we need to more thoroughly introduce the instrument that our team developed to rapidly measure it, the Mee-Bunney Psychological Pain Assessment Scale (MBP, Copyright S. Mee, 2011). …

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